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Captain Denny Sharrone

Walleye. This word was part of my vocabulary long before I knew how many definitions it would eventually have. In the 1980’s when my dad would take me fishing on Mosquito Lake, “walleye” meant frustration. That fish was a complete mystery back then as we learned how to get them on a hook. I watched my dad closely and can remember the excitement we felt when we caught one. That feeling drove both of us to learn everything we could. So, we read and watched any article and video from Al Lindner...he made it look so easy.

In the 1990’s “walleye” meant seasick...for me it did anyway, my dad never got sick! This is the time when we began to venture out onto Lake Erie in search of those monster fish. I got my sea legs, both literally and in big water fishing experience.

In the 2000’s “walleye”meant success. Tournament fishing became my obsession and my partners and I did very well. After being humbled so many times over and over again by a fish, I learned that nothing replaces hard work and checking your ego at the dock! That fish is very capable of showing you what you lack just when you think you’ve got it all figured out. Keep learning, pay attention to details and just enjoy every minute. That approach led to an MWC National Championship spot, a Cabela’s National Team Championship spot, two Ohio State Championships with record breaking weights and numerous other victories and podium finishes. Tournament success provided the opportunity to share many of our techniques with folks on radio shows, seminars at the Cleveland Boat Show and classes at the Mahoning County JVS. I also had my photo published in In-Fisherman Magazine which still stands as one of my greatest achievements since I’m such a big fan of those guys! I need to add that much of my success was inspired by so many of the fellow anglers and charter Captains that I have great respect for. We have a lot of really good sticks here in Ohio.

Now “walleye” means FUN! With tournament angling in the rear view mirror, nothing brings a smile to my face more than watching people enjoy themselves out on the water. I still learn something every time I fish but I hold myself accountable to pass along not only what I’ve learned, but also my enjoyment of fishing. To those who may board my boat I’ll say this - I respect the time and financial commitment it takes for you to have an adventure like this. I guarantee that I’ll do everything I can to make sure YOUR trip is a tremendously positive experience filled with great memories...and a cooler full of fish!

Let’s go have some FUN!

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