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Info and Directions

SAFETY FIRST - PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECTION DURING YOUR CHARTER. FISH CAN AND DO THROW HOOKS! All trips are "weather permitting", including lake conditions. Your Captain may cancel the charter at his discretion. Due to the potential for changing forecasts, final determination will be made the morning of your charter. If your charter is cancelled, a new date can be scheduled or you'll receive a FULL REFUND of your deposit.

GEAR - All fishing and safety equipment is provided.

FISH CLEANING - Your Captain will not clean your fish. Have a plan. Not all launch locations have a fish cleaning station or service. Even if they do, the service may be backed up and you may not want to wait.


*If you purchase a 1 or 3 day license do not validate (sign) it until after your Captain has confirmed your group will go out on the morning of your charter. You can validate (sign) the permit later to use for a rescheduled charter if necessary.

  • CLOTHING - Please dress according to the weather. Hat, sunglasses, rain gear, jacket. SOFT SOLED SHOES ONLY!

  • SUNSCREEN - Lotion type only. NO SPRAYS, it leaves permanent spots on some equipment surfaces.

  • FOOD - Bring the snacks/drinks you want. Beer is permitted, hard liquor is not. NO GLASS BOTTLES.

  • COOLER - Bring a LARGE cooler to transport your fish. You can leave it in your vehicle during your charter.

Boat Ramp Directions

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